Charlie’s Angels

When I saw the new Charlie’s Angels Movie Poster, I thought that it looked great. I’ve always been a fan of the show and I thought it would be fun to recreate the poster with two friends and I as the models.

Here is the original movie poster:

Charlie's Angels

For models, I asked my friends Linzy and Brooke to help me and I took some self portraits for me to be the third. When it came to lighting the model’s faces, I thought it would be fairly simple. I was wrong. Looking at the poster, there are three lights on their faces. A red one off to their right and an orange one on their left with a white light to brighten their faces. Getting all three to work together well took some time, but it turned out pretty good. After I got the pictures, I used the content aware and masking tools to cut them out and put them together. Here’s how mine turned out.

Charlie's Angels

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