Preparing my Fine Art Print

I love printing my images and displaying them for others to see. This week I was able to edit, print and display a beautiful macro image I took in the Spori Building on BYU-Idaho campus.

Here is my original image.

Fine Art Print

And here is my final edited image that I printed.

Fine Art Print

And here is me with my Fine Art Print hanging up in the Spori building.

Fine Art Print

There were a few things I needed to do to get my image ready to print as you can see a huge difference between the before and after image. I added in contrast to make the shadows darker and the highlights lighter using Adobe Camera Raw and a Levels Adjustment Filter. I removed the blue tint with a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer. Using the Clone Stamp Tool I took out some stray ice and stem pieces in the corners. I blurred the background and sharpened the flower and ice using the Blur and Sharpen Tool.  Last, I made sure to brighten the overall picture with the Brightness Adjustment Layer. These last two things are the most important things to remember when printing images. Your prints will always come out darker and blurrier than they were on screen, so you need to slightly over sharpen and brighten your image to compensate. Unfortunately it is a little different with each printer and it does depend on the size you are printing. The bigger the print, the bigger the difference.

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