Indoor Product Photography

Product photography can be a very useful and marketable skill. Knowing how to show off a product in a flattering way is important in any kind of business. Here are some tips and tricks to learning product photography.

Camera Lens and Lighting for Product Photography

When shooting product photography, bokeh is a very helpful technique. To get that blurry background and shallow depth of field feel you will want to use a prime lens with a low aperture option. I used a 50mm Cannon prime lens for all the shots below. Notice in the following image how the artichoke is clear and in focus while the rest of the vegetables are blurry creating a wonderful shallow depth of field.

As for lighting, you will want a lot of it. Having your product lit up and clearly visible will make your product photography understandable. You don’t want someone to look at your photo and wonder what it is you are advertising. For the image below I used a few continuous LED lights to make sure everything was visible.

Product Photography

Make The Product Look Interesting

What makes your product photography stand out are the additional objects you use that accent your main product. Choose things that will convey a message about your product. Take the two images below. The guitar accents the Beats headphones. By adding a real instrument I am communicating to my viewers that these headphones are as good as a real instrument. With the face mask, the ice cubes and lufa convey a sense of freshness that can come when you use the product.

Product Photography

Product Photography

Turning a Product Photo Into an Advertisement

When shooting product photography, you want to make sure to leave room for any logos, slogans or other information you might want to add when creating an advertisement. This is why it is very important to plan out what you want your advertisement to look like before you even begin shooting. The lotion image below is a perfect example of this. I left plenty of blank space on the left of the image to put advertising information. For more information about creating Product Advertisements click here.

Product Photography

Outdoor Product Photography

When working outdoors with products, you can use a lot of the same things as you would indoor. The biggest difference is lighting. Outside is where the sun is and that can be both a good and bad thing. You will probably not need any more light, but a diffuser may come in handy when outside.

Product Photography

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