Still Motion Product Photography

Water sprays can be a great way to show off a product. It associates a cool and fresh feel with the product. For my product, I have a Victoria’s Secret perfume and I thought a water spray would make a good product photography shot. I set up at a white counter top with a black fabric background and had two speed lights focused in on my subject. My camera was on a tripod with these settings: Aperture-f/4.5  Shutter speed-1/200  ISO-100. I asked a friend to be my hand model for me. She sprayed the perfume with one had, with it rested on the counter so it wouldn’t move to much, and sprayed water as well on the product. I was able to capture still motion water drops in the air. Below is my original image.

Still Motion Photography

In post I cropped in and really sharpened the image. I also brought up the saturation in the purples.

Still Motion Photography

Once I had finished, I noticed that not all the letters were visible. I used the Stamp tool to copy letters from the right side and put them on the left side. Luckily the water drops allowed for slight inaccuracies, so it was fairly easy.

Before                                                After

Still Motion Photography Still Motion Photography

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