Models Interacting with Food Photography

Food photography can be a lot of fun. For tips and ideas on taking beautiful food photography visit my post here. Another way to make your food photography great is to humanize it. Add a model, whether it be the actual person, just their hands or whatever. Showing someone interacting with the food in some way can add feeling and personality to your image.

My product that I wanted to shoot was apple cider. I poured it into a small cup and put a cinnamon stick in it. I had the model hold the cup and just swirl the cinnamon stick in the cider. Below is my original image.

Food Photography Interaction

And here is my edited image. You can see that I dropped the saturation down, brightened her eyes and the rest of her face and darkened the background.

Food Photography Interaction

You might not be able to tell that it is apple cider in that cup, but this is a great image to use for a advertisement about that product. With some text and company information, you’d be able to tell what the product is more clearly.

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